At the Laboratory of Biomedical Technologies (TBMLab) innovative methods and technologies are developed for improvement of knowledge and applications in different biomedical fields and healthcare problems
Sensors, Transducers, Devices
Design and implementation of hardware, software and firmware of prototypal systems and devices for biomedical signals measurement and processing...
Motion Capture
Platforms and architectures for motion capture are the basis for research activities in human movement analysis, respiratory biomechanics, patient...
Multimodal Imaging (ultrasounds, CT and MRI), combined with techniques for motion capture, FEM, 3D image analysis, models for organ motion and...
Functional models of the locomotor system and of the respiratory system with its interactions with the cardiovascular system and internal organs are...
Patient position monitoring in a radiotherapy treatment.
Processing of a CT image of lungs with emphysema.
Kinematic analysis of a lower limb prosthesis.
PCB layout of microcontroller-based electronics for the control of a single crystal piezoelectric sensor.
European Project Biomechanics4Rehab
27 October 2015 | Members of our group are participating in the ...
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